Daily Cakes


Traditional Italian specialty, light cake and filling with the most delicious coffee flavor!

Apple Sponge Cake

Classic Polish-style cake with fresh apple filling topped with fresh whipped cream

Hazelnut Cake

Light and satisfying hazelnut torte with fresh whipped cream


Crunchy mille-feuille pastry and creamy custard filling making for a delicious, decadent treat.

Apple Pie Cake

Polish-style apple cake with crunchy pastry enclosed around sweet, homemade apple filling..

Almond Cake

Crunchy almond cake with caramel filling

Crumb Cake

Traditional fluffy crumb cake with crunchy topping. Delicious on its own or with tea or coffee!



Light and airy fried Polish cookie.

Versailles Macaroons

Traditional French cookie with delicious crunchy exterior leading to a soft, jam-filled interior!

European Kifli Cookies

Traditional Central-European cookies made with a light sour cream dough and assorted fruit jam fillings.

Assorted Cookies

Delicious selection of different types of cookies. Stop in to check out our daily fresh selections.

Pignoli Cookies

Italian specialty made with fresh pine nuts and almond paste

Rainbow Cookies

This classic bakery treat has three layers of colorful cake with raspberry jam, covered in melted chocolate

Hazelnut Biscotti

Delicious hazelnut biscotti dipped in chocolate; delicious wiht your afternoon coffee or tea!

Other Treats


Classic, delicious cupcakes available daily in assorted flavors

Caramel Wafers

Classic Polish treat. Deliciously, creamy soft caramel filling in between crispy wafers.

Mini Chocolate Cups

Individually-sized chocolate cups with fresh chocolate mousse.

Cake Balls

Bite-sized chocolate cake balls made with chocolate mouse cake and icing dipped and drizzled with milk chocolate.


Traditional Italian specialty with crunchy pastry and filled with sweet ricotta-based filling

Mini Cannoli

Two-bite sized take on the traditional Italian specialty



Available flavors include: classic babka, blueberry, apple, sweet cheese, and raisin.

Poppy Seed Roll (Makowiec)

Traditional Eastern-European bread filled with sweet poppy seed filling

Classic Boule


Crusty, delicious classic French bread

French-style Wheat

Classic French bread with a healthy twist

Hard Rolls

Fresh rolls in a variety of shapes

Rye Bread

Fresh light rye bread available with caraway seeds or without

Pastries and Tarts

Polish Danishes (Drożdżówki)

Sweet, yeasted rolls with a variety of fillings from cherry, sweet cheese, poppyseed, apricot, apple, and blueberry


Light, crisp and delicious! Baked fresh daily.

Peach Cobbler Tart

Tart base with delicious peach cobbler filling.

Pain au Chocolat

Traditional French pastry with flaky layers and filled with chocolate.


Fresh-baked muffins in a variety of delicious flavors

Apple Turnover

Flaky, light, and delicious turnover with sweet apple filling.


Classic British treat; excellent addition to your coffee or tea!

Cream Puff

Choux pastry with fresh whipped cream and fresh fruit.


Available in apple and sweet cheese flavors

Large Fruit Tart

This made-to-share fresh tart is filled with a layer of chocolate, fresh whipped cream, and topped with fresh fruit.

Mini Tart

Individually-sized tarts with a chocolate bottom, filled with fresh whipped cream, and fresh fruit.

Come visit us to see our fresh selections and daily specialities.

Red Velvet Cake

These are big chocolate chip cookies! A great dessert or sweet snack, these cookies have only the finest ingredients; Belgian chocolate chips and chunks of organic walnuts...organic sugar and sweet butter.


Baguettes! We hand – form and bake them every morning (except, currently, Thursdays) in time to deliver fresh to local stores within a couple hours. They come hot from the oven, golden/ russet crust tense and crackling.

Chocolate Cherry

As far as we know, originally credits for this delight go to Nancy Silverton of La Brea fame. Is it bread or is it pastry? In the end, it doesn’t matter. It’ll do for dessert, and yet it is still bread.

Specialty Cakes

Most specialty cakes are made-to-order and require 72 hours notice. For custom wedding cakes, or for intricate cakes that feed more than 75 people, at least 3 weeks notice is required and the cake must be paid in full before pickup.

German Chocolate Cake

Another original variety for O Bread and still our most popular.

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Cherry

Ginger Molasses

The best ginger molasses cookies not too sweet.

Coffee Cake

Organic whole wheat pastry flour & whole wheat pastry flour, molasses.


The paper-thin crust, slightly crisp and caramelized, gives way to a tender satisfying interior.


Baguettes! We hand – form and bake them every morning in time.


Ciabatta is a somewhat irregular, slightly “dusty” loaf- so named.

Sesame Wheat

Another original variety for O Bread and still one of our most popular.